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Work with us to improve the resilience of critical infrastructure. We hold open calls throughout the programme and you can also just get in touch with a proposal.

Past and current open calls

During the year we may put out calls for expressions of interest (EoIs) in specific grant-funded projects. In 2018, we carried out two such calls:

However, there is still an open call to develop industry-specific resilience primers, and we continue to welcome expressions of interest in this area. More information is available below as well as the EoI submission form.

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Open call for industry specific resilience primers

How can we shift the needle on resilience practice so that all organisations embed it into their decision-making? We believe that key incentives or other levers exist for all industries and that we must articulate the value that resilience can bring.

We are seeking expressions of interest from potential grantees to develop practical, industry-specific primers that will identify:

  • The current best practices by leading organisations (within the selected industry) that embed resilience into their decision-making, and the incentives/levers that drive them.
  • The incentives/levers that are currently available for driving resilience, but not capitalized upon due to lack of awareness of their existence.
  • How to scale and augment the current menu of incentives/levers.

These primers are envisioned to be industry-specific, booklet-style, guidance documents that capture best practice as to how and when resilience is valued within a given industry, highlighting key decision points when resilience can be enhanced.

Initial deadline for expressions of interest was 27 August 2018.  However, we anticipate continuing this work into 2019, and will welcome submissions from interested grantees at any time.

To find out more, see the detailed Scope for Grantees guidance document that sets out our criteria and how you can apply using the form below.

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