Work With Us

We aim to learn by doing and to work with pioneers worldwide. Our programme is designed around building a network of collaborators who can work together to improve critical infrastructure resilience for resilience practitioners, asset owners and operators everywhere. Join us and help to make the resilience shift happen.


We are seeking partners and proposals. Working with pioneers and specialists is one of the ways we are building our community of interest.

You can find all the answers to your common questions about how to work with us in our FAQs.  Whether you want to find out about funding opportunities, types of collaboration, or general questions about how we work, please take a look, and if you can't find something, please email us at [email protected]

We are always seeking out useful links and references related to critical infrastructure resilience to help us learn from others. You can now share the things you like too in our Things we like web resource.

Industry specific resilience primers

How can we shift the needle on resilience practice so that all organisations embed it into their decision-making? We believe that key incentives or other levers exist for all industries and that we must articulate the value that resilience can bring.

We have appointed four partners to develop the first of our practical industry-specific primers. These are industry-specific, booklet-style, guidance documents that capture best practice as to how and when resilience is valued within a given industry, highlighting key decision points where resilience can be enhanced. See all our publications here.

Although we have recently appointed new partners in this area, we anticipate continuing this work into 2019, and will welcome submissions from interested grantees at any time.

Expression of interest

We put out calls for specific expressions of interest during the year. Please subscribe to our blog for news of opportunities. You can also get in touch with suggestions at any time.

Got an idea?

Our programme is not fixed and we are constantly on the lookout for great ideas that support our aims for critical infrastructure resilience. In some cases we may be able to provide funding to help us jointly realise these ideas.

If you’d like to get in touch and suggest an idea, please complete and submit our form.