Training for Operational Resilience Capabilities

The Training for Operational Resilience Capabilities (TORC) approach addresses three distinct training arenas; operational training addresses the exploration of the necessary margin of maneuver in the “compliance vs resilience” space, managerial training addresses the assessment of a reasonable and accountable space of maneuver, while integrated training addresses the active reconciliation of margin and space of maneuver. This facilitates a continual process of updating of rules based on the enhanced knowledge about the professional competence and craftsmanship in the organization at hand.

The TORC approach is designed to be applicable in different contexts; in a normal operation context where pre-existing rules and procedures form the expectations of compliance, in an emergency context in which emergency plans form the presumptions of compliance, and in a “managing the unexpected” context in which the applicable set of rules and procedures must be collected and formed instantly and situation-dependently.

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