Resilience Value Realization

The Resilience Value Realization (RVR) methodology was developed by ValueLabs through funding from The Rockefeller Foundation to be used by city governments with project owners identified.

RVR is a customized approach to project planning, pre-development, and development that was designed to identify, catalyze and protect the delivery of resilience value to public and private stakeholders in a project. The RVR approach comprises working with project teams and resilience champions to be very specific about how the opportunity can create resilience and to address, as an integral part of project development, any challenges impacting the delivery of resilience value. The workshop is structured to start with understanding where things are today, then asks participants to develop an opportunity statement around where they want to be in the future, which leads to development of a roadmap for realizing that opportunity.

The tool is flexible and has also been used to identify and empower a project owner.
This tool is delivered as a workshop, but requires pre-work including interviews, data gathering, and data representation (drawings, maps, figures, etc.). This tool can be used in all geographic regions.

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Who is it for? (NB. Infrastructure owners, designers, community groups, environmental organisations, constructors, regulators, policy makers, etc…)
Sector specific?Cities
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Developed by

Marcela Ruibal

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