The Resilience Action List (RELi) standard

The RELi 2.0 Rating System (RELi 2.0) is a holistic, resilience-based rating system that combines innovative design criteria with the latest in integrative design processes for next-generation neighborhoods, buildings, homes and infrastructure. By selectively bundling existing sustainable and regenerative guidelines with RELi’s ground-breaking credits for emergency preparedness, adaptation, and community vitality, RELi 2.0 is the most comprehensive reference guide and certification available anywhere for socially and environmentally resilient design and construction.

Since 2017, RELi has been managed by the U.S. Green Building Council, Inc. (USGBC) which, in conjunction with Market Transformation to Sustainability, is leading the evolution of RELi 2.0 to synthesize the LEED Resilient Design pilot credits with RELi’s Hazard Mitigation and Adaptation credits. RELi 2.0 certification is based on a point system. The number of points that a project earns determines the certification level it receives.

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Who is it for? (NB. Infrastructure owners, designers, community groups, environmental organisations, constructors, regulators, policy makers, etc.)
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