HAZUR is a piece of software designed to support the design, implementation and management of cities resilience strategy.

  1. HAZUR Basic is the online software included in the certification courses of the Resilience Academy. It includes the basic functionalities to build your own city project.
  2. HAZUR Assessment helps to summarise all city data, to analyse interdependencies in service networks, to assess impacts aftermaths and cascade effects. It also enables the identification and prioritisation of potential improvement projects, facilitates the definition of crisis management protocols and supports a strategy development process.
  3. HAZUR Manager combines the Assessment information with real-time information and enables the simulation of risk situations at city level. It also equips the cities and experts with tools for service network monitoring, risk management and city stakeholder coordination.

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Who is it for? (NB. City strategists, city managers, resilience officers, City Stakeholders (Small-medium cities best))
Sector specific?No
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Diagnose & ConceiveDesign & DeliverOperate & Maintain

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