GRESB Resilience Module

The GRESB Resilience Module has been developed in response to organisations that are developing a capacity to assess, manage and adapt in the face of social and environmental shocks and stressors. It is motived by two key goals:

  1. To meet growing investor demand for information on resilience; and
  2. To increase access to information about strategies used by property and infrastructure companies to assess and manage risks from social and environmental shocks and stressors, including the impact of climate change

Evaluates how real estate and infrastructure companies and funds are preparing for potentially disruptive events and changing conditions, assessing long-term trends, and becoming more resilient over time.

The Module is an optional supplement to the GRESB Real Estate and Infrastructure Assessments.

Content provided by developer.

Who is it for? (NB. Property and infrastructure companies (investors))
Sector specific?No
Value Chain Stage: ,
Diagnose & ConceiveDesign & DeliverOperate & Maintain

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