City Resilience Profiling Tool

The City Resilience Profiling Tool (CRPT) is a self-assessment tool primarily addressed to municipal leaders, managers, urban planners, and other personnel with a responsibility for ensuring the safety, maintenance, and security of all aspects and functions of an urban area, including critical infrastructure and services, health facilities, transport and telecommunications networks, sanitation, water, etc.

The City Resilience Profiling Programme (CRPP) designs this tool for generating metrics for urban resilience in order to establish baselines (or ‘profiles’) upon which to integrate resilience based inputs to sustainable urban planning, development, and management processes in cities and other human settlements throughout the world. The main goal of the CRPP is to support local governments and their stakeholders by transforming urban areas into safer and better places to live in, and improve their capacity to absorb and rebound quickly from any and all potential shocks or stresses.

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