Ciritical Infrastrctures Relations and Consequences for Life and Environment

CIrcle is a tool to support the analysis of domino effects of critical infrastructure failure. It gives insight into how the effects of shocks and stresses on one type of infrastructure can lead to subequent effects on other types of critical infrastructure.
Users define the dependencies between Critical Infrastructures and CIrcle facilitates the discussion between interdependent stakeholders, building trust and stimulating future partnerships.

CIrcle’s approach:

  • Gather (open) data on critical and vulnerable infrastructure
  • Gather expert knowledge on direct impacts and dependencies
  • Combine data with expert knowledge to conduct cascading effect analyses
  • Complement risk assessments with gained insights on indirect effects
  • Increase cooperation between stakeholders

Users are governmental organizations and agencies, network operators, emergency response organizations as well as large industries who are interested in the dependencies between Critical Infrastructures.

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Who is it for? (NB. Policy makers, infrastructure owners and operators)
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