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Celebrating the Climate Adapation Summit – for all our futures

Thank you to all those involved at the inspiring Climate Adaptation Summit – let’s keep moving onwards and upwards in 2021. We share some of their highlights, some of our highlights, including a peek at our plans to develop climate resilient infrastructure guidance, and updates from the Anchoring Sessions we enjoyed the most.

The Case for Value Chain Resilience

Our world is increasingly interconnected and relies on complex networks to support modern economies and societies. The reliability and resilience of these networks and interdependencies is crucial for business operations, but can be threatened by unpredictable disruptions such as extreme weather, climate change, economic crises, cyber threats, terrorism or global pandemics such as COVID-19. Risk-management […]

Working with uncertainty to gain more resilience insight

Halfway through 2020, and with the summer well and truly here in this part of the world, it’s time to take stock of Resilience Shift achievements since the start of the year. Xavier Aldea Borruel, Head of Operations, highlights progress in the first half of the year and our exciting plans for the autumn.

Tools for resilient infrastructure workshop – Washington D.C.

The Tools and Approaches project, part of the Resilience Shift activity ‘Making resilience tangible, practical and relevant,’ aims to identify, assess and promote adoption of the tools and approaches that contribute to enhancing the resilience of critical infrastructure, making them accessible to those who will benefit. The project delivered a series of three workshops focused […]