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EARTH EX® – London and Glasgow. Building resilience for global scale complex catastrophes

Our infrastructure is interconnected and interdependent. A major incident in one location can cascade rapidly and have an impact on critical infrastructure systems elsewhere, affecting their ability to function, to connect communities, provide essential services, or to protect society. A ‘black sky hazard’ is defined by the EIS Council as ‘a catastrophic event that severely […]

Learning how to shift – exploring resilience scenarios

What do senior decision makers think about resilience? In this exploratory roundtable workshop organised with Cambridge University’s Technical Services and held at Cambridge’s Moller Centre, the Resilience Shift asked senior practitioners to explore different scenarios of critical infrastructure failure.

Arup Fellows Roundtable

The Resilience Shift along with Cambridge University is carrying out a series of roundtable events to engage with senior-level practitioners, with expertise associated with the built environment, on the concept of critical infrastructure resilience. This pilot session tested bespoke scenarios to improve insight into the features of resilient infrastructure systems, and the barriers to change.