Shifting Climate Leadership

Dialogues with climate leaders as they navigate the challenges of leading through uncertainty in the face of the overwhelming climate crisis

Climate change presents a historically unique leadership challenge for which there are no ready guidelines. In recognition of this, and to help develop such guidelines, we embarked on a research project with seven climate leaders during the six months leading up to and beyond COP26 in Glasgow (see the participants below).

Our method was for the project leader, Peter Willis, to interview each of the participants online for about a half hour each week, helping them to reflect on their experience of facing up to climate change within their field of responsibility. From time to time he also engaged with two or three of them at once – dialogues that will be made available as podcasts. Key learnings from all these conversations are being distilled for launching in early 2022.

Peter Willis recently interviewed many resilience pioneers as part of a series at COP26 called the Daily COPpuccinos. These aimed to interview thought leaders working in adaptation and resilience from around the world. This was created to complement the COP Resilience Hub event programme that put the focus on adaptation and resilience throughout COP26. Find out more.

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