The Resilience Shift: Securing our future through resilient infrastructure

In an uncertain and complex world, resilience matters.

Resilience is the ability to withstand, adapt to changing conditions, and recover positively from shocks and stresses.

The Resilience Shift is a catalyst for positive change toward more resilient infrastructure.

Our mission is to help ensure the safety and continuity of the critical infrastructure and services that make our lives possible. From water and transportation through to communications and energy, it is essential to everything we do.

We’re working globally to help define this and provide pathways from theory to practice.

Find out more about our work in this publication.

Publication date: 19 May, 2020
Authors: Seth Schultz, Juliet Mian, Xavier Aldea-Borruel, Helen Civil, Roman Svidran. With additional support from Fay Sweet, Howdy graphic design, and Kieran Birtill.