Resilience Shift round-tables: the basis for cross-sector learning and collaboration

The main objective of a planned series of Resilience Shift round-tables is to engage with senior-level practitioners, with expertise associated with the built environment, on the concept of critical infrastructure resilience.

The purpose is to explore how infrastructure systems might be impacted by a range of possible shocks and stresses, how various decision makers would respond and what the consequential cascading effects of those decisions would be. The intention is that the round-tables will provide the basis for cross-sector learning and collaboration, creating a more informed view on interdependency, what is missing in governance frameworks and standards, and identifying measures to embed resilient design into modern infrastructure systems.

The round-table provides participants with the opportunity to explore real challenges within their sector. The round-table platform brings in other key stakeholders, encouraging inter-sector collaboration and communication. This bespoke round-table format provides a means for participants to engage in reflective and challenging discussions about their sectors and to productively explore how to engender change.

This guide sets out more about the purpose and design of Resilience Shift round-tables.

Publication date: 5 October, 2018
Authors: Peter Guthrie, Kristen MacAskill, Francesca O'Hanlon