Resilience Shift Primer: Rail. An industry guide to enhancing resilience

Building resilience of critical infrastructure requires decision-makers working in different industry sectors to understand ‘what’ can be done, ‘why’ it should be done, and ‘how’ to put it into practice. Our work to date has told us that key stakeholders are often either unaware of the  value that resilience can bring or are constrained by a lack of resources or support in terms of how to embed and enhance resilience.

This primer is a brief document introducing the elementary principles of resilience relevant to the rail sector and is part of a body of knowledge, tools and approaches that the Resilience Shift is producing, funding, and curating, intended to help those responsible for the financing, planning, design, delivery, operation and maintenance of critical infrastructure systems to shift practice. Our vision is to contribute to a common understanding across critical infrastructure sectors of what contributes to resilience and how it can be achieved in practice.

Building resilience into your infrastructure systems, across your value chains, will allow you to prevent or mitigate against shocks and stresses that you identify, and to respond better to those events that you can’t predict or avoid.

We’re delighted to have supported the team at TRL in producing this primer.

Publication date: 7 June, 2019
Authors: Sarah Reeves, Mike Winter, Dominic Leal and Alison Hewitt (TRL)