Policy for critical infrastructure resilience: Symposium report

The Resilience Shift seeks to catalyse significant change in the way critical infrastructure is planned, designed, operated and maintained. If this change happens, engineered structures and infrastructure will be not only safer, but also better able to assure the continuity of critical functions under both ordinary and extraordinary circumstances.

A key area of work is to help establish a shared understanding of existing and future policy and standards that can enable critical infrastructure resilience.

A policy symposium was held in Melbourne on the 15 May 2019 to present the research undertaken in this project to date and explore future opportunities and challenges for policy in driving critical infrastructure resilience.

The event was split into two sessions: presentations from grantees on research findings; and an exploratory workshop with participants on future opportunities and challenges in critical infrastructure resilience. There were representatives from state government, academia, and industry.

Publication date: 17 June, 2019
Authors: Halley McCann