Addis Ababa Water Resilience Profile (CWRA)

The Addis Ababa Water Resilience Profile represents an opportunity to continue regional efforts to build resilience capacity and explore strategies, through multiple lenses, to improve the water security of the region.

The actions identified provide a foundational architecture upon which stakeholders can build upon by means of policies, projects, and continued coordinated work. The insights generated from this approach will ultimately help to protect the lives and health and well-being of the region’s inhabitants and environmental assets.

Publication date: 9 November, 2021
Authors: Zablon Adane (WRI), Yohannes Ameha (AARPO), Elleni Ashebir (WRI), Katrin Brueback (R-Cities), Louise Ellis (Arup), Aklilu Fikresilassie (WRI), Femke Gubbels (R-Cities), Louise Kennedy (Arup), Dana Omran (R-Cities), Smita Rawoot (WRI), Martin Shouler (Arup), Phillipa Stanley (Arup), Meghan Stromberg (WRI), Dr Moges Tadesse (AARPO), Gomejut Taye (AARPO), Girmaye Teshome (AARPO), Wubanchi Tesso (WRI), Liku Workalemahu (EiABC).