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What the World Can Learn from Finland’s Brush with Critical Infrastructure Failure

05 Jun 19

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When extreme wind gusts from the Tapani storm hit the western shore of Finland in December 2011, the resulting cascade of critical infrastructure failures throughout the country was alarming. Sixty thousand faults in the electricity grid disconnected 570,000 customers—one of every six households nationally—with consequences to the heating systems, hospitals and water distribution and wastewater treatment and an interruption of unpowered telecommunication services.

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Better Water Decisions in the Age of Deep Uncertainty

15 Nov 16

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Deep uncertainty acknowledges a dynamic system where inputs — such as rainfall or economic growth or regulations — are changing or unknown. Deep uncertainty methods are not yet widespread among water utilities, but the ideas are gaining ground. Scenario planning allows utilities to ask questions that, in the past, would have been viewed as unusual.

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