International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure

At the end of 2020, we celebrated one year since global leaders first came together to identify the biggest gaps facing infrastructure climate adaptation and resilience, and to understand how the engineering community could act as a catalyst for action. With The Resilience Shift as a founding member, the journey began with a signed declaration to move forward through a 'Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure.'

The International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure is a growing global coalition of change agents from across the engineering, investment, city and philanthropic communities. This coalition continues to broaden participation across other stakeholder communities to accelerate innovation, adoption and scaling of strategic resilient and sustainable infrastructure solutions built upon a commitment to tangible and collaborative action.

Founding organizations

In the short term, the coalition's focus is on action and on expanding partnerships to make immediate progress throughout 2020 and into 2021.

Interim governance has been set up to be simple, led by the founding organisations with ASCE’s Chief Operating and Strategy Officer, Jerry Buckwalter as Chair.

Ths founding organizations are:

Supported by Dr. Cris Liban of LA Metro.

Action tracks

The International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure is committed to driving practical sustainable infrastructure solutions to combat the effects of climate change around the globe. Each of the four initial action tracks is led by an executive-level industry expert.

Through regular leadership summits and action track meetings, leaders from across the infrastructure stakeholder spectrum that make up the ICSI membership will refine their individual commitments and together develop collective commitments in the form of viable and concrete action scopes and execution timelines to advance our shared vision of sustainable and resilient infrastructure. By thinking globally while acting locally, the coalition will foster local action to address climate change and infrastructure sustainability/resilience issues worldwide.

We are developing inclusive networks of individuals and organizations committed to enacting the change we envision. This will depend on engagement and support from every sector of our economy as we seek to reimagine a more sustainable world.

Funding and financing

Led by Amanda Eichel, Executive Director, Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy


Led by Jerry Buckwalter, Chief Operating and Strategy Officer, ASCE

Leadership and whole-of-life costs

Led by Tom Lewis, Sector President, WSP USA and Dr. Cris Liban, Chief Sustainability Officer, LA Metro

Guidance, tools and standards

Led by Savina Carluccio, Project Leader, Resilience Shift

Icons from the Noun Project: Fund by Nareerat Jaikaew, Innovation by Chameleon Design, Leadership by Becris, Standards by Justin Blake