Helping to deliver the SDGs at the Global Engineering Congress

Our activities at the Resilience Shift are helping to deliver the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We are achieving this by fostering a programme of global change that will lead to a safer and better world through resilient infrastructure.

October’s Global Engineering Congress, held this year at the Institution of Civil Engineers in London, has the UN SDGs at its core. The congress wants to understand how the engineering community can help to promote sustainable and resilient practices through their work.

We’re delighted to not only be attending the congress’s five days of lively debate, but also contributing to the event. See the programme.

We kick off with a workshop on Thursday 25 October between 10.30-12.00, where we will show how we can work towards ‘Making resilience practical, tangible and relevant’.

The session will introduce the critical infrastructure value chain, and highlight the diverse range of stakeholders. We’ll give insight into our project on tools and approaches that are available for valuing resilience. We’ll also demonstrate a resilience tool developed for the water sector. Coupled with a lively online poll, panel and Q&A session, to incorporate the wealth of expertise at the conference, it should be an interesting event.

On the same day, our technical director, Juliet Mian will be participating in a panel session at 16.00. The panel will approach the question of ‘Maximising the application of sustainability solutions in an interconnected world’. Juliet will sit alongside Mark Enzer, CTO at Mott MacDonald.

We look forward to seeing some of you there! Remember, you can follow the debate, wherever you are, using #GlobalEngineeringCongress or #SDGs; and don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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