What can EARTH EX 2019 teach us about resilience?

The Resilience Shift will be sharing the early findings from EARTH EX III/19 in early December in a joint event with Resilience First and the Electric Infrastructure Security Council.

With EARTH EX’s underlying theme of ‘Working together to secure our world’, the Resilience Shift was delighted to partner with the Electric Infrastructure Security Council to run the multi-player exercise, now in its third year.

Building on EARTH EX scenario-based workshops (see report) and work around the electricity sector and interdependencies, the global exercise was an opportunity to learn from each other how to anticipate and prepare better resilience planning for a ‘Black Sky’-class complex catastrophe or other major disaster. The Resilience Shift has also explored resilience in practice in a primer for the electric utilities sector.

With over 11,000 individual participants and 1,800 organisations, the exercise took participants through a developing scenario where the power grid is knocked out completely for days or weeks.

Whether organisations or individuals, they are challenged to consider together each evolution of the situation and their options, to then make choices on actions and next steps.

Resilience Shift has joined with the business resilience network, Resilience First, to present, at an event in early December, the early findings from EARTH EX III//19, prior to the full report being published on the Resilience Shift website.

Speakers will review key lessons-learned from the exercise. How resilient is your organisation for a major power outage? How well prepared is our society? Are you and your family ready for the impact of a Black Sky event?

Speakers include:
Avi Schnurr, CEO and President of the EIS Council
Lord Toby Harris, UK representative of the EIS Council and Resilience First Board member
Xavier Aldea Borruel, Programme Manager, Resilience Shift

Kindly hosted by FTI Consulting this event is for Resilience First members and invited guests. The report will be published after the event and shared on the Resilience Shift website.

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