Developing a Community

At the Resilience Shift, we believe that our success will be as much about how we do things as about what we do. We aim to learn by doing in collaboration with others, share knowledge and foster a global community. In a recent community building workshop, we concluded that our community starts with you, and our network of collaborators and partners.

It’s clear that a strong community can:

  • Provide a sense of belonging
  • Encompass shared values or motivations
  • Include opportunities to influence
  • Integrate the individual and social aims of members

Our first community-building session in May involved our core team. In a miracle of technology, the session spanned three continents, including a late-night dial-in from Melbourne and a video entry from San Francisco – time zone challenges are inevitable when delivering a global programme.

We kicked off the session with a round of introductions, to people and projects, as a first step in encouraging learning and knowledge sharing across sectors.

What does a community look like?

We outsourced some of the hard work to our wider team to get them thinking about what a community is, by asking them three things:

1. Name 2 communities you are already part of.

2. How do you engage with these communities?

3. What do you get from it?

A selection of answers

Communities How do you engage with them? What do you get from it?
  • Clean air and landscape research hub
  • Melbourne victory FC
  • New London Architecture Next Gen group
  • Equilibri Art community
  • Friends & family
  • Sailing group
  • Engineers Ireland
  • Royal Society of Arts
  • Book club
  • Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Meetings
  • As a trustee
  • Social media
  • As a mentor
  • Providing advice
  • As a committee member
  • Informal chats
  • Work events
  • Learning about topics of interest
  • Building networks
  • Greater impact
  • New knowledge
  • Friendship
  • Understanding multidisciplinary issues
  • Professional accreditation
  • Early sight of potential opportunities
  • Feeling of connection
  • Different perspectives
  • Dose of creativity

The answers showed huge variety and built into our open discussion afterwards of what people valued from being part of a community. We have taken on board all the excellent points made and they are informing our programme’s knowledge and community strategy.

We want to make sure we add value for all of our collaborators and partners by providing you with what you need from us.It’s important to us that our work is steered by your input as we build our programme and grow our network.

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