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The golden thread of resilience guidance, tools and standards (and metrics)

Guidance, tools and standards play a key role in the development of sustainable and resilient infrastructure. Savina Carluccio looks back, there is a golden thread that runs through several pieces of work and leads to our work on climate resilient Infrastructure Pathways and resilience indicators which will be launching later this year for COP26.

Michael Bruno: Resilience and people power

Around the world, from New Zealand to Norway, many smaller and island nations have demonstrated impressive resilience in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The presence of robust communities may be a contributory factor, believes Resilience Shift Chair Michael Bruno, so what can larger nations learn from this?

Ruth Boumphrey: Five reasons why every organisation needs a resilience champion at board level

Evolving, embedding and regularly reviewing our state of resilience is good for us as individuals and as organisations. Resilience Shift Board member Ruth Boumphrey explains her reasons for believing that resilience champions are essential on every board

Peter Chamley: A chain of chains – seeing the bigger picture for resilience

Infrastructure networks are so complex and interlinked, that in reality we are looking at a chain of chains. And yet, as in all chains, the key to resilience lies in strengthening that weakest link, and valuing the ability to be nimble, says Resilience Shift Board member Peter Chamley