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Reflecting on the Christchurch earthquakes 10 years on – Resilience Conversations

At 12.51 p.m. on Tuesday 22 February 2011, a shallow, 6.3 magnitude quake occurred just 10 kilometres from the centre of Christchurch. What is the learning from this event looking back, and what are its implications for building resilience to future events and uncertainties?

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Celebrating the Climate Adapation Summit – for all our futures

Thank you to all those involved at the inspiring Climate Adaptation Summit – let’s keep moving onwards and upwards in 2021. We share some of their highlights, some of our highlights, including a peek at our plans to develop climate resilient infrastructure guidance, and updates from the Anchoring Sessions we enjoyed the most.

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Reflective learning on crisis leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic

As part of our work to make resilience tangible and relevant, every week for four months through the Covid-19 pandemic we are interviewing the same twelve senior decision-makers and professionals for their evolving reflections on what they are encountering.

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