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Sector: Insurance

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Climate Week NYC: Climate Change Analysis Tool underscores inequities of current climate resilience

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One year on from launching a new Climate Change Analysis Tool (CCAT), US Telecomms firm, AT&T announce further expansion of climate resilience and impact modelling in collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory (US).

The first years of CCAT’s work underscores vulnerability to climate change is not evenly distributed. Instead, underserved communities tend to face the greatest dangers while having the least embedded resilience to cope with disasters.

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Sigma 5/2019: Indexing resilience

07 Sep 19

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Swiss Re and the London School of Economics have developed this primer for insurance markets and economies. Developing innovative insurance resilience indices for three core areas of risk: natural catstrophe, mortality and healthcare.

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Views from insurance about the SmartResilience Project

03 Jul 19

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On 18-19 February 2019, EPFL organised a workshop of the SmartResilience project, hosted by the Swiss Re Institute in Zurich. The workshop gathered representatives from insurance and insurance experts. After providing some general considerations about insurance, resilience and critical infrastructure (CI) to describe the context in which the methodologies developed by the SmartResilience project can be used in an insurance setting, this report provides an analysis of the contribution of SmartResilience to insurance. The analysis elaborates from research made prior to the workshop, presentations made by partners of SmartResilience, and discussion among participants.

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