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What Are the Best Infrastructure Investments to Make? Is It Based on Economics, or Resilience, or Both?

01 Apr 18

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David Singleton, Chairman of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) considers how the launch of v2.0 of its Rating Scheme will provide input into how we should best plan, design and operate infrastructure, and look beyond purely the economic value of projects.

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City Finance Lab


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The City Finance Lab (CFL) is Europe’s first dedicated platform supporting the development of innovative financial solutions that increase investment in resilient, low-carbon and sustainable urban projects. It aims to unlock at least EUR 500 million in additional investment for climate action over the next 5 years.

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Canada Releases Climate Lens for Infrastructure Funding Assessments

04 Jun 18

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This Climate Lens is a requirement of the Investing in Canada bilateral agreements signed between Infrastructure Canada and the provinces and territories. The assessment tool will require stakeholders to report on how proposed projects contributes to or reduce carbon pollution, and to consider climate change risks in the location, design, and planned operation of projects.

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