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Sector: Energy

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Vulnerabilities of Networked Energy Infrastructure: A primer

17 Jun 19

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Considerable work has been done to understand and improve the resilience of individual infrastructure components. However, systems of components, or even systems of systems, are far less well understood. Cascade effects, where the loss of one infrastructure affects others, is a major source of vulnerability which can lead to catastrophic disruptions of essential services. Interdependencies can also lead to large-scale failures when even a single component is disrupted and results in ‘cascading’ failures within and between networks. This is particularly true for power systems, as many other lifeline infrastructure systems rely on electricity. In this study we review the literature and give a primer on the vulnerabilities of networked energy infrastructure.

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What the World Can Learn from Finland’s Brush with Critical Infrastructure Failure

05 Jun 19

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When extreme wind gusts from the Tapani storm hit the western shore of Finland in December 2011, the resulting cascade of critical infrastructure failures throughout the country was alarming. Sixty thousand faults in the electricity grid disconnected 570,000 customers—one of every six households nationally—with consequences to the heating systems, hospitals and water distribution and wastewater treatment and an interruption of unpowered telecommunication services.

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Australian electricity networks – a statement on national research priorities for natural hazards emergency management and resilience

16 May 19

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In August 2018, electricity network service providers from around Australia participated in a workshop hosted by the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC to consider the most significant natural hazard emergency management issues they are facing over the next ten years. This publication on Australian electricity networks summarises the outcome of the workshop and poses questions as a guide for a national research agenda and outlines priorities for knowledge gaps to be filled.

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