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Proposed methodology for risk analysis of interdependent critical infrastructures to extreme weather events

22 May 19

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Growing scientific evidence suggests that risks due to failure of critical infrastructures (CIs) will increase worldwide, as the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events (EWEs) induced by climate change increases. Such risks are difficult to estimate due to the increasing complexity and interconnectedness of CIs and because information sharing regarding the vulnerabilities of the different CIs is limited. This paper proposes a methodology for risk analysis of systems of interdependent CIs to EWEs.

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The Resilience Work of Institutions

01 Jul 19

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This paper recognised that an understanding of infrastructure resilience requires an understanding of the work that institutions do to produce infrastructure change. It divides the resilience work of institutions into three types: operational, regulatory, and constitutional. A proposed framework that incorporates the types of resilience work done by institutions, scales, objectives, and uncertainties is presented.


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