...in thinking

Resilience Engineered

Three films to demystify resilience, funded by The Resilience Shift, developed in collaboration with the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge.

Summary for Urban Policymakers

A summary for urban policymakers, presenting the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) assessments in targeted summaries that can help inform action at the city scale.

Resilient Leadership

Real-time learning from the Covid crisis was captured over 16 weeks of interviews with senior leaders, providing insights into what makes resilient leadership, and how to lead for resilience.

...in practice

Infrastructure Pathways

A resource for practitioners in search of clear, easy-to-navigate guidance on climate-resilient infrastructure, compiled from hundreds of leading resources, and organized by lifecycle phase.


Diagram of a working port


A multi-stakeholder, whole-systems approach is needed for ports to become low carbon resilient gateways to growth, as a meeting point of critical infrastructure systems, cities and services.


Resilience Realized

The Resilience Realized Awards recognise projects around the world at the cutting edge of resilience.

City Water Resilience Approach

CWI Wheel diagram


Download the step by step methodology to help cities collaboratively build resilience to local water challenges, mapped with the OurWater online governance tool, as used by cities around the world.

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Five years of impact

The City Water Resilience Approach – learn from cities around the world

Pushing the boundaries of innovation to protect the world’s water resources

The power and freedom of net zero

Key role of ports in unlocking investment in future fuel infrastructure

World-leading engineering firms join forces to advance climate action for infrastructure

Resilience Engineered film series freely available for teaching and sharing

IPCC: We must build resilience to the impacts we cannot prevent

New IPCC Report calls for climate resilient development

Testing new approaches to protect coastal communities

‘Incredibly uplifting and hopeful’ – Brunel lecture series moves climate action forward

New Resilience Self-Assessment Tool for businesses through Resilience First

Centering communities in preparing for an uncertain future

Building resilience to wildfires: a nature-led approach

California Learning: leading the world in community resilience

Resilience Shift in ambitious new consortium aiming to scale up systemic resilience

Engineers must become more creative and less compliance-led to tackle climate challenges

10 Tools for systems change to a zero carbon world

How to make infrastructure more resilient against climate change

Register now to join Seth Schultz for the closing ICE Brunel lecture

A year of progress in 2021 – read about the year’s highlights and watch video

ICSI Highlights from 2021

The Resilience Shift is hiring!

COP26 Resilience Hub Synthesis Report published

Reflections from the ICSI Roundtable Discussion at COP26

Resilience Realized: The Awards Panel

Reflections on Resilience Engineered

Entries Open for Resilience Realized Awards

CDRI hosts session on Pioneering Nature-based Solutions for Resilient Infrastructure

Success in advancing ambition on adaptation and resilience at COP26

Your Daily COPpuccino: Episode 10

Your Daily COPpuccino: Episode 9

Making the impossible happen

Accelerating deep collaboration: 26 built environment climate initiatives announced @ COP26

New Summary for Urban Policymakers Initiative Announced

Your Daily COPpuccino: Episode 8

Your Daily COPpuccino: Episode 7

Climate Change and Sediment Management Pledge Launched Today at Cop26

Infrastructure Pathways Launched at COP26

Your Daily COPpuccino: Episode 6

Your Daily COPpuccino: Episode 5

Round up: Resilience First at COP26

Engineers need to stop competing and collaborate

Your Daily COPpuccino: Episode 4

Your Daily COPpuccino: Episode 3

Your Daily COPpuccino: Episode 2

The Resilience Shift takes the helm of Navigating a Changing Climate

Your Daily COPpuccino: Episode 1

Join us for a COP26 screening of Resilience Engineered Episode 1

Innovate4Cities: Session round-up

How do I access the COP Resilience Hub?

Brunel International Lecture Series: Australasia lecture

Register now, as COP Resilience Hub event programme opens with huge support

Engineers need to be more creative to tackle the climate crisis

Brunel International Lecture Series: South-East Asia lecture

The Resilience Shift at the Innovate4Cities global conference

Africa Climate Week: Learning from Cape Town Day Zero – discussion on urban water resilience

How climate resilient is the global energy sector?

Speeding up the pace, and the joy of being social again

ICSI joins UNFCCC Race to Resilience campaign as Partner Initiative

The golden thread of resilience guidance, tools and standards (and metrics)

Supporting the Race to Resilience at New York Climate Week

Accelerating uptake of guidance, tools & standards for sustainable & resilient infrastructure

New film series kicks off by exploring uncertainty and resilience

Showcasing Resilience4Ports and a smarter cleaner future

Lessons Learned for the Built Environment from the Grenfell Tower Fire

Resilience insights from two crises involving power failure

Civil engineers need to ‘understand the social implications’ of what they do

#BuildingToCOP26 Coalition accelerates climate action

The Resilience Shift support for new COP Resilience Hub

Need for resilience strengthened as weather-related disasters increase over past 50 years

Register to play EARTH EX, the global resilience scenario exercise

Resilience First to launch re-emergence guide for SMEs

Innovative resilience building at TWI boosts global welding skills

Join us at World Water Week

Brunel International Lecture Series – South Asia lecture

“Climate change is here now. Nobody’s safe, it is getting worse, faster” 

Africa Cities and Built Environment Day

Seizing South Africa’s Urban Opportunity

Celebrating best practice for resilience, the Resilience Realized Awards

ICSI publishes landscape analysis of resources for sustainable and resilient infrastructure

Resilience4Ports featured in Ports & Harbors magazine

ICSI joins as co-host for Sustainable Infrastructure webinar series

Resilience Shift at London Climate Action Week

Operational Resilience: A guide for non-executive directors

Making the right resilience choices for future infrastructure

How innovative technology is being used to increase resilience

Decarbonisation and the role of technology whitepaper

Building climate resilience with Infrastructure Pathways

Putting future generations first to build resilience

Putting the science into leadership with For Thought

Massive collaboration needed to fill African engineering skills gap

Rethink the costs of infrastructure to tackle climate change

Brunel International Lecture tour focuses on Africa

Can we deliver net carbon zero? Roundtable debate

Playing a part in the Race to Zero, and Race to Resilience

Join Seth Schultz for the Americas stage of the Brunel lecture tour on 19 May  

Michael Bruno: Resilience and people power

Championing climate resilience in Congress and at WSP

Growing in scale and scope to build more resilience

What can we learn from the WFEO climate stories?

Ruth Boumphrey: Five reasons why every organisation needs a resilience champion at board level

No turning back for urgent change

Peter Chamley: A chain of chains – seeing the bigger picture for resilience

Wood and The Resilience Shift create strategic partnership to showcase resilience

Jo da Silva: Resilience and the Decade of Action

WFEO climate stories: UK

WFEO climate stories: Kenya

Economic viability and resilient communities – how to measure resilience meaningfully

WFEO climate stories: France

Join our team – seeking comms manager to support our portfolio of initiatives

Your feedback needed – scoping survey for Infrastructure Pathways

WFEO climate stories: Canada

How to build resilience at your organisation – sharing lessons from Wood

Changing your water usage at home can help build urban water resilience

Seizing the Urban Opportunity – report launched

Join us at ICDRI 2021 – featuring Juliet Mian (19th at 10.15 GMT)

‘Lessons learned’ and the changing face of engineering

WFEO climate stories: Australia

Engineers called to drive Middle East’s move to net-zero carbon at Region’s Brunel lecture

Embrace ports resilience to advance decarbonisation, says new Resilience Shift report

“Ports as keystones to our future low carbon society” – Mark Button on Resilience4Ports

A key appointment to drive scale and impact for resilience

Navigating the pathways to climate resilience

WFEO climate stories: China

Flying the flag for collaboration on World Engineering Day

Decarbonisation and the Role of Technology webinar series

Joining forces to drive global resilience best practice

Addis Ababa workshops kick off focus on urban water resilience for Africa

Seth Schultz opens British Science Association round-table on resilience

Reflecting on the Christchurch earthquakes 10 years on – Resilience Conversations

Covid’s disruptive influences… and seizing the opportunity

Engineers must rethink their role to match the scale of climate challenge

Lloyd’s Register Foundation Optigram 2021 Competition Launched

Celebrating the Climate Adapation Summit – for all our futures

Getting resilience on the agenda

In conversation with Shirley Rodrigues: Enhancing resilience and achieving net-zero

Engagement with China critical in tackling climate change

Setting the scene for a year of transformation

Event: In conversation with Shirley Rodrigues, Deputy Mayor for Energy and Environment

ICE Brunel International Lecture series touches down virtually in East Asia

Paris Climate Agreement leaders join final Resilient Leadership podcast

Cape Town drought response: the role of business

Understanding Risk 2020: Are infrastructure disaster risk models still fit for purpose?

Seth Schultz kicks off ICE Brunel International Lecture series on 21C leadership

Tackling the challenges of water stressed cities in Africa

Cape Town Day Zero: The challenge of fragmented governance

Launching a global discussion about the contribution of engineering to all our futures

A focus on growth and COP26 at ICSI first anniversary

Resilient Leadership the focus of ‘Cities on the Frontline’

Reflections on Cape Town’s water crisis suggest a new way to learn from major shocks

Engineering A Safer Future: from disruption to transformation

The value of a national ‘Lifelines Forum’ for resilience – insights from Tauranga

ICSI Symposium one year since launch – keynote speakers include COP26 Climate Champions

Cities and regional government stepping up to lead resilient recoveries

Why ports matter for resilience

Speeding virtually through autumn 2020, and exciting news for Q4

Seth Schultz presents ICE’s 13th Brunel International Lecture Series

Highlighting Potable Water Resilience

Pioneering more resilient transport infrastructure – the FORESEE Project

Resilience4Ports brings industry leaders together to discuss resilience challenges

‘Resilient Leadership: learning from crisis’ report launched – Get the report

TEDxCountdown to set the scene for ‘Resilient Leadership’. Register for launch event

Resilient Leadership report previewed at LRF Digital Summit

Global coalition launches major Gap Fund to target finance gaps for infrastructure

The Climate Emergency: changing behaviours through insurance

Use-it or lose-it moment for infrastructure financing

The Resilience Shift launches global resilient ports initiative

New report on The Economic Case for Greening the Global Recovery through Cities

The case for value chain resilience

The Itaipú Dam: how natural ecosystems support this modern technological wonder


Fostering Resilience-oriented thinking in Engineering Practice

Considering the importance of upstream actions for resilience

A living lab to tackle decarbonisation and resilience

What happens when blue skies turn black? – EARTH EX 2020

Infrastructure-led community resilience on show for Commonwealth Initiative

Working with uncertainty to gain more resilience insight

Resilient Leadership – Round 14: 20 – 24 July 2020

Resilient Leadership – Round 13: 13 – 17 July 2020

Transforming national infrastructure systems to be resilient

The future of transport resilience

Resilient Leadership – Round 12: 6 – 10 July 2020

Resilient Leadership – Round 11: 29 June – 3 July 2020

Greening the grey in Washington DC – a resilience success story

Joining forces with AGWA in a new strategic partnership

The missing middle is increasingly human

Resilient Leadership – Round 10: 22 – 26 June 2020

Resilient Leadership – Round 9: 15 – 19 June 2020

Emerging insights into resilient leadership

Seeing the bigger picture – the water-energy nexus

Resilient Leadership – Round 8: 8 – 12 June 2020

Digital mapping of complex urban systems and their interdependencies

Resilient Leadership – Round 7: 25 May – 5 June 2020

A pivotal moment for the transport sector – and lessons for resilience

Learning from crisis – real-time Covid insights with reflective learning

Learning from crisis – Why cities must foster resilient recovery

Resilient leadership in real-time

Inspiring talk from BLOXHUB Summer School

10 insights into what really matters for resilience? Tell us more.

“Just because it’s difficult, we can’t not think about it.”

Resilient Leadership – Round 6: 18 – 22 May 2020

Resilient Leadership – Round 5: 11 – 15 May 2020

Thinking about studying infrastructure resilience?

Resilient Leadership – Round 4: 4 – 8 May 2020

Resilient Leadership – Round 3: 27 April – 1 May 2020

Engineers taking a stand

Insights into resilient leadership

The Covid-SDG connection

Resilient Leadership – Round 2: 20-24 April 2020

Building climate resilience in megacities – special session

Resilient Leadership – Round 1: 6-17 April 2020

Bringing together a Coalition for change

“Resilience, diversification, and innovation are needed to safely feed the world”

Spring progress in a time of pandemic

5 must-do’s on urban resilience in a time of Covid

Disaster v crisis? How the nature of the Covid-19 crisis affects our response.

From field to fork – global food supply and its dependence on resilient infrastructure

Keeping us connected – data centres as critical infrastructures

Podcast interview shines the light on infrastructure resilience

Bridging the infrastructure gap

How do you develop a successful industry rating scheme? Listen to those involved.

Who gives a COP? What is it and why does it matter for our and our partners’ work?

Notice from the Resilience Shift re Covid19

Resilience. It’s human, it’s personal.

Potable water: 17 steps to boosting resilience

“Learning from each other about solutions in practice”

“Resilience resonates with people… we know we are vulnerable”

What can professional groups and institutions do to build resilience?

How water resilience helps us to navigate our changing climate

Stories to inspire resilience at Transitions Film Festival

Cross-sector understanding, transferring learning and sharing good practice

Getting utilities together across sectors highlights interdependencies

Infrastructure project in India building resilience from the ground up

Integral – Inclusive – Innovative: using Water as Leverage

The whole system impact of the Australian bushfires.

Climate resilience is make or break for businesses. Here’s why

From planning to action for city water resilience

Bringing diverse institutions together to talk about resilience

Seth Schultz takes up the reins as new Global Executive Director

Sharing our learning on urban water resilience with young water professionals

A strong base established, now to scale up our impact  

A new evolution for the Resilience Shift

2019 highlights

Findings from EARTH EX III 2019 – working together to secure our world

Get water right to build a resilient future! Resilience Round-table at COP25

“The opposite of resilience is failure/collapse” – resilience round-table hosted by ASPI

Building Resilience through Water – Special Issue of Water Security Journal

“Water is a Master Variable” – the central role of water in building resilience

Championing resilient infrastructure at COP 25 with SIWI, Arup and other partners

Engineering a sustainable world at WEC2019

What can EARTH EX 2019 teach us about resilience?

Launching a Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure

Working with engineers to accelerate adaptation and mitigation

Delivering sustainable and resilient infrastructure: Lessons from the world

Water challenges and case studies shared at IWA-ASPIRE

“Humans do our best when our backs are to the wall”

Engineers driving change: where do we start?

Water and innovation must go hand in hand for a resilient future

City water resilience focus of latest AGWA ClimateReady podcast

Test your resilience with EARTH EX – last chance to play before 31 October

Resilience round-table: professional institutions and associations

How to build resilience using black sky scenarios

How to tell our story in 60 seconds

Supporting the GCA Water Action Track at UN Climate Action Summit

Accelerating the conversation on water resilience

City Water Resilience Approach methodology now available

Engineering a safer world – register now for the LRF conference

Monitoring transport infrastructure with the help of satellites

Resilience in practice – Abertis

Critical infrastructure resilience is integral to adaptation proposals

There’s nothing else like this in the world – John Heltzel interviewed on EARTH EX 2019

Urban water resilience community of practice announced

“Water is the blue thread” – interview with Maggie White, SIWI

Working with pioneers – Stockholm International Water Institute

9 out of ten disasters are water related (UNISDR)  

From theory to practice for city water resilience – Louise Ellis

Working with pioneers – interview Dr Fred Boltz

EARTH EX: poniendo a prueba la resiliencia

Resilience in practice – at Autobrennero

Making the connections between water and energy

‘Water for society – including all’ at WWWeek

Resilience in practice – at Tideway

“One of the fundamental shifts is to contemplate failure”

EARTH EX – put your resilience to the test in the global ‘black sky’ exercise – Register now

Sifting for resilience gold, and more progress on water resilience

Can OurWater help to make cities more resilient?

Planning for uncertainty – the resilience challenges for supply chains

Learning from Cape Town’s water crisis

Building a Resilient Future through Water: Cape Town and the City Water Resilience Approach

REA Symposium – a forum for ideas and collaboration

Supply chain research highlights resilience concerns of ports

Cape Town | Day Zero – join us at London Climate Action Week

The resilience of global supply chains

Debating cascading and interconnected risk at UCL-IRDR

Hindsight leads to insights with critical review

Cape Town: Day Zero – learning the lessons

A reflection on the value of the tools and approaches work

Exploring ways to create change

Insight shared, and lessons learned

Join us in Kalmar: Exploring Challenges and Action in the Implementation of Resilience

Sharing findings on resilience tools and approaches

You’ve just got to keep on showing up

The value of an end to end approach to city water resilience

Policy instruments explored in Melbourne symposium

Mapping where to study infrastructure resilience

Harvesting resilience knowledge as projects come to fruition

Establishing a water resilience baseline for Greater Manchester

Incentivising resilience explored in Resilience Shift event

Strengthening urban water resilience – the City Water Resilience Approach

Resilience is about collective responsibility

Exploring hazards, understanding responses

Developing a global network for resilience

Resilient water solutions for the historic city of Thessaloniki

Working with pioneers – the Global Resilience Research Network

Sharing resources for resilience practitioners

Documenting the journey of a resilience rating

Dealing with flood risk together

Leaving no-one behind on World Water Day – the need for urban water resilience

Five steps to improve water security for city populations

Impactful learning from black sky exercises – what really matters in a crisis?

Resilience Shift ambassador – scout, catalyst, critical friend

“My concern is how resilient we are as a society to withstand a major shock”

Filling our shelves – supply chain workshops kick off

From tools and supply chains to earthquakes, drought and black skies

Exploring the issues faced when using resilience tools and approaches

Planning for drought to stop the taps running dry

Reflecting on resilience together with Christchurch

EIS Council partnership uses Earth Ex to build resilience

Resilience Shift round-table: city scale modelling and tools

Critical infrastructure resilience matters – January update

Resilience standards in the public and private sectors

Share your supply chain experience

The critical nature of global ports and their future resilience

New partnership explores resilience in practice with business communities

Exploring complexity and capacity at GRRN Summit 2019

Round-table explores city-scale modelling

“Quality matters a lot to me ” – Juliet Mian, Technical Director

Exploring the impact of policy

Global supply chains project launched

Search for our new Global Director

Looking back, Looking forward. End of year update

Using Action Learning to explore resilience challenges

Water resilience on show with capability building session at COP24

“Climate and water are intimately connected” at COP24

Urgency, value, and a common understanding – November update

Supplying the world – the resilience of ports and logistics

Resilience tools presented at global measurement conference

Role of economic infrastructure in limiting global warming

Resilience is the topic of the day in Hangzhou

Elaine Roberts joins Resilience Shift Board

Turning words into action to achieve the SDGs

Making resilience practical, tangible and relevant at the GEC

Using and developing tools to build resilience

Four Twenty Seven, Resilient Organisations, TRL and Wood announced as new grantees

Building understanding with contributions from across the globe this October

Introducing WaterShare – promoting collaborative water governance

Building resilience means making room for failure – APAN 2018

Does a resilience shift require the end of competitive advantage and free market economics?

Helping to deliver the SDGs at the Global Engineering Congress

Building knowledge and sharing insights – taking stock of September’s progress

SuRe® – learning from the successful creation of a global resilience standard

Shifting major project practices to safeguard society’s critical services

“Resilience is the property of communities, not structures”

Increasing resilience when delivering major projects

Resilience Shift Debate – the value of resilience – what is it worth and why?

Learning from others with Imperial College’s Industry Showcase

Water, water everywhere – and more events to come

Showcasing the latest advances in thinking and practice

WWWeek focus – Building a resilient future through water

Resilience Shift hosts SIWI sofa at World Water Week. Watch video

Resilience primers – a great response – Thank you

Inspiring young professionals with a focus on city water resilience

Global Knowledge Exchange – three successful days in pictures

Shaping the city water resilience framework assessment tool

Preparing for resilience to black sky hazards

Hearing how water resilience connects Miami, Mexico City, Amman, Hull, Cape Town

Putting a human dimension on resilience

Grants available to develop resilience primers for industry

How a value chain approach helps us to ‘join the dots’?

Pushing forward from strong foundations – a change in leadership

Whose responsibility is it to strengthen the resilience of critical infrastructure?

Computers can do better than a human, but do we trust them enough?

Practising what we preach – how to make things happen

High-level incrementalism and global transformation

Creating an intelligent community

A way forward for our ‘Tools and Approaches’ project

Making the case for investment in resilient infrastructure

Accelerating Safety Solutions

MMI, Schumacher Institute and Dr Igor Linkov appointed to work with us

Data, technology and resilience – challenge or opportunity?

Putting the resilience building blocks in place – every time

Doing the right things and doing them well

Developing a Community

A day’s worth of value – a conference perspective

Learning how to shift – exploring resilience scenarios

Bringing Safety to Life at the Lloyd’s Register Foundation conference

April saw the start of our project in San Francisco to incentivise resilience

EOI Response – Thank you!

Global collaboration to drive resilience policy adoption

Resilience to extreme events – Hawai’i’s response to the Kilauea eruption

Join us at the Lloyd’s Register Foundation conference 9-10 May

The engineer’s journey to resilience – what’s yours?

Turning theory into practice to kick off 2018

Shaping the water governance of the future

Expression of interest: Apply by 18 April 2018 (Deadline extended)

‘Almost dangerous’: let’s collaborate!

Language: let’s talk some more

Infrastructure resilience: where do we start?

Welcome to the Resilience Shift

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