Partners and grantees

With 40 grantees from 9 countries and collaborators from around the world, we are pleased that our community of interest is growing around the world. Our philosophy is to work with pioneers and specialists in partnership. Why not join us?

Programme Board

Michael Bruno

Provost of the University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Ruth Boumphrey

Director of Research, Lloyd's Register Foundation

Elaine Roberts

Chief Marketing Officer, Lloyd's Register Group

Peter Chamley

Chair Australasia Region, Arup

Jo da Silva

Arup Fellow and Global Director of Sustainable Development, Arup


Seth Schultz
Global Executive Director

Juliet Mian
Technical Director

Xavier Aldea Borruel
Programme Manager

Jan Reier Huse
Lloyd's Register Group liaison

Technical Advisory Group

Professor Peter Guthrie

Kristen MacAskill

Francesca O’Hanlon

We have appointed Cambridge University Technical Services (CUTS) as our Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and ‘critical friend’.

They provide independent technical advice that informs the strategic direction of the programme and reviews the quality of approach and outputs. It provides scrutiny of and advice on the programme through critiquing the quality and value of the approach and outputs. It also provides a conduit to a wider knowledge base from academia and within industry.

Grantees and partners to date

In addition to Arup, and the Lloyd's Register Foundation, we have worked with or are working with a number of collaborators. To date, at the end of our third year, we have engaged with over 3178 individuals and over 458 organisations including over 50 academic institutions. These stakeholders fall broadly withing the groupings: government and policy-makers, investors in infrastructure, asset owners and operators, design/engineering/build practitioners, academia, and end-users.

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