About our programme

We summarise here our vision, impact and outcomes statements and how they translate into programme activities.

Vision and impact

Our vision is that engineered structures and infrastructure will be not only safer (do not fail) but also better able to assure the continuity of critical functions.

Our vision statement is underpinned by two key impacts:

  • Decisions made along the value chain will account for how critical infrastructure contributes to the resilience of the larger socio-technical-ecological system.
  • Critical infrastructure will be planned, designed, delivered and operated to serve communities (protect, connect, provide) under ordinary and extraordinary circumstances.


Through our work we will see evidence of 6 key outcomes:

  • common understanding of sectors, including their supply chains and governance, as global systems and the effect of decisions within these systems on the resilience of society.
  • Adoption of dynamic, performance-based (resilience based) design approaches in broad practice.
  • Adoption or use of tools and processes to value resilience and make sure that value is realised throughout the project life cycle by project owners, developers, financiers and insurers.
  • The use of integrated systems approaches as context for critical infrastructure systems.
  • Integration of systems thinking and resilience concepts into the education and understanding of those responsible for planning, designing, delivering and operating critical infrastructure.
  • Adoption of transformative technologies that facilitate (rather than compromise) critical system functionality.
Six outcomes of a resilience shift


Our projects, investments and events are designed to contribute towards our intended outcomes, and currently fall into the following 3 workstreams:

  • Making resilience tangible, practical and relevant.
  • Incentivising resilience.
  • Applying resilience practice within and between critical infrastructure sectors.

Find out more about how these activities translate into projects

Download a one-page summary Resilience Shift poster here.

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