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Jo da Silva: Resilience and the Decade of Action

Resilience is a cross cutting element of the UN’s sustainable development goals – from access to clean water and energy to creating sustainable cities and communities. Improving infrastructure resilience is critical in creating the world we want says Resilience Shift board member and Arup’s Global Sustainable Development Leader, Jo da Silva, DBE.

WFEO climate stories: UK

The UK has commitments in place to reduce carbon emissions to 0% by 2050. However to achieve this, carbon reduction needs to be embedded in the planning, design and whole life of assets. Engineers have a key role to play in enabling this to happen by understanding how climate change affects their roles in terms of mitigation and adaptation. WFEO committee member Davide Stronati examines the climate change position in the UK.

WFEO climate stories: Kenya

Kenya has experienced an increase in droughts and floods in the last few years due to the effects of climate change. WFEO Engineering and the Environment committee member Christine Adongo Ogut looks at how climate change is affecting Kenya, and what is being done to reduce carbon emissions in the latest WFEO climate stories blog curated by ICE.

Infrastructure Pathways

“...a golden thread of system thinking for climate resilience”


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Partnering with others

Lloyd's Register Foundation celebrates its grantees

The Resilience Shift is proud to feature in the online gallery of grantees and partners of our supporter, Lloyd's Register Foundation.

Putting engineers at the heart of climate action

As founding partner of the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure, we believe engineers must step up and work in partnership to deliver a safe, sustainable and resilient future.

Climate Resilient Infrastructure Pathways

To adapt and thrive in the face of climate change, we need resilient infrastructure that can withstand, recover from, and adapt to an uncertain future. Infrastructure Pathways is a new multi stakeholder initiative.

Resilience success stories

We want to share the great work of others and highlight best practice for resilience.

As the sun starts to set on #EarthDay2021 here's a short podcast. As part of our series on resilient #leadership we were lucky enough to be joined by Cristiana Figueres and @tomcarnac for a Paris Climate agreement special. Listen here: #ParisAgreement

[email protected] are just about to start their day of Instagram events! Loads of interesting speakers lined up for #EarthDay
Join them now over on Insta:
#ClimateAction #climateofchange #youth4climate

Highlights from the #FASTRadaptation2021 event w/#GlobalClimateLeaders discussing practical action in adaptation⬇️ @LightsmithGroup @resilienceshift

The planet may be over 60% covered by seawater, but fresh #water is a precious resource. In fact 60% of the global population is projected to live in water-stressed areas by 2025. The @50LHome initiative is aiming to tackle this - here's how:

Starting in an hour - we're really looking forward to this roundtable on accelerating #investment in the #RaceToResilience with some great participants.
Take part here:
#adaptation #ClimateAction

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