Critical infrastructure resilience for a safer and better world

The economic case for greening the global recovery

The Economic Case for Greening the Global Recovery through Cities, by the Coalition for Urban Transitions, supported by The Resilience Shift, sets out investment priorities for national governments post Covid to boost economies today and progress toward long-term resilience and prosperity tomorrow.


Putting engineers at the heart of climate action

As founding partner of the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure, we believe engineers must step up and work in partnership to deliver a safe, sustainable and resilient future.

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Seth Schultz to present 13th ICE Brunel Lecture Series

With a provocative opening lecture and global virtual tour, Seth Schultz and the Institution of Civil Engineers are asking 'How many engineers does it take to change the world?' Discussing this and other key questions about the future role of engineers.

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The case for change

At a time of dynamic global change and challenges, we need innovation and creativity to deliver the most resilient and sustainable solutions. We need to know that our infrastructure networks and services will be able to absorb, and quickly recover from, acute shocks and chronic stresses, and adapt to a continually changing world.

4th Industrial Revolution and Globalisation

Urbanization and Urban Growth

Climate Change

The Resilience Shift in numbers

“Resilience matters, at its simplest, because of the uncertainties we face. To deliver the right impact, we must continually check that we are doing the right thing. Who is this for, how will it make their lives better, and what do they want? Our outputs must have quality and substance, developed with rigour to be of real value for all those working to improve the resilience of critical infrastructure.”

Juliet Mian, Technical Director


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