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The golden thread of resilience guidance, tools and standards (and metrics)

Guidance, tools and standards play a key role in the development of sustainable and resilient infrastructure. Savina Carluccio looks back, there is a golden thread that runs through several pieces of work and leads to our work on climate resilient Infrastructure Pathways and resilience indicators which will be launching later this year for COP26.

Energy resilience

“Resilience is key to enabling the energy transition”

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Partnering with others

Lloyd's Register Foundation celebrates its grantees

The Resilience Shift is proud to feature in the online gallery of grantees and partners of our supporter, Lloyd's Register Foundation.

Putting engineers at the heart of climate action

As founding partner of the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure, we believe engineers must step up and work in partnership to deliver a safe, sustainable and resilient future.

Climate Resilient Infrastructure Pathways

To adapt and thrive in the face of climate change, we need resilient infrastructure that can withstand, recover from, and adapt to an uncertain future. Infrastructure Pathways is a new multi stakeholder initiative.

Resilience success stories

We want to share the great work of others and highlight best practice for resilience.

Today's New York Energy Dialogues exploring Energy through the ESG lens, feature @sethschultz in a panel session on Establishing #Measurable #Accounting and #Quantitative #StandardsforESG. #energy #esg #resilience #copresiliencehub

As part of #RaceToResilience, we’ll be launching Infrastructure Pathways, driving collaboration across the infrastructure lifecycle to map guidance & help practitioners embed climate resilience within infrastructure. @ArupUK @resilienceshift

The @COP26 Resilience Hub (@copreshub) will be the home of #RaceToResilience & where partners will share, in person and virtually, what actions they are taking to build a resilient and prosperous future. Check it out here:

ENGINEERING-LED COALITION JOINS @UNFCCC #RaceToResilience: By 2030, the International Coalition of Sustainable Infrastructure has pledged to have engineers steer 12,600 projects in 2,000 cities to improve climate resilience. #RaceToZero @sust_coalition

Today is our partner @ResilienceFirst's webinar: Lessons Learnt for the Built Environment from the Grenfell Tower Fire. There's been a lot of interest in this webinar, but there are still a few places left. Starts at 3pm BST. Register here:

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